Wednesday, October 19, 2011

AZ adventure

I spent the weekend hanging with my Flagstaff people, including Nathan, doing a little bike racing and a little hiking. After hearing about Pines to the Mines for the last 6 years, I figured it was time to experience the spectacle and put what little remaining endurance fitness I have to use.

almost done.
The race is 80 miles from Flagstaff to Jerome, and takes racers from the ponderosa pine forests of Flag to the sun-baked, exposed mining roads of Jerome. Mostly dirt roads, there is one section of singletrack that was a mix of perfect and un-ride-able. Nathan and I soft-pedaled the ride after realizing neither one of us was going to be in the mix, and it made for a pleasant day in the saddle. The 12 mile climb to the finish was a little rough, with the sun sucking the energy out of you, but it went down.

hiking out to the Wet Beaver Crack
Sunday, a big group headed up to the "Crack" at Wet Beaver Creek (no joke) in Sedona. A 4 mile hike in the sun takes you to a semi-shaded, spring-fed canyon with 15 foot deep water and cliff jumping. Nate set up a slackline across the water for the talented to play with, and the rest of us floated beers in the icy water to cool a refreshing beverage. And there was a little cliff jumping to top it off.

In the "crack"
A great way to spend a weekend, save for 25 hours in the car to make it happen.

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