Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trans-Wales Stage Race Day 1... Errr... 0.

So wireless is hard to come by camping in Wales so I'm updating this
from my mobile. Bear with me as I'm going to keep it short.

Today's Lesson: pay attention to course markers, or don't, actually.

So today was a "warm-up" prologue with no actual bearing on the
overall race starting tomorrow. The course was essentially the first
half of tomorrow's 1st stage, then head back to camp. I was sitting in
about 15th with a kiwi singlespeeder, and at the bottom of the descent
we saw a course marker to out left and followed it. Problem was, it
was tomorrow's marker and not today's, which we would have seen if we
looked right.

Long story short, we arrived at tomorrow's stage finish and realized
the error, and called for a ride home. So it turned out we had about
80 km of riding and 6500 feet of climbing - all on 40 km worth of food
and water (1 bottle of perpetuum, 1 clif bar). So tomorrow we'll run
this stage again, but with all the beta!

Oh, there are lots of sheep. Lots. More on that later.

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