Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trans-Wales Day 1 (for real this time).

So the one word you need to know if you ever decide to come to Wales
to ride a bicycle is "sheep." Bring your velcro gloves and your kilt,
as I'm told that's why Scots wear kilts: sheep can hear a zipper.

But seriously, to make Welsh mud, mix 43% soil with 52% sheep shit and
5% water. Then take it and throw it all over your legs, back, and
bike, and you have a good idea of a "dry" day in Wales.

Today was one of those – a dry day – and also the first day of
"racing." The Trans-Wales stage race is interesting in that it's
illegal here to RACE on public carriage ways, so 90% of the 75 – 85 km
stages are untimed. Somewhere in the middle of a stage, there will be
a timed Special Stage. Today's was a 1 km hill climb.

So basically imagine doing a 3 minute cross race in the middle of a 5
hour easy ride, and you have a general idea of the format. Given that
I rode the entirety of today's stage yesterday, accidentally, I took
today to enjoy the company of the other riders and take some photos.

And I've been pursuing my favorite new pastime, chasing sheep on the
bike. Those little bastards can run, and they like to dart in front of
you randomly. Great fun.

Since I'm still on the mobile, I'm having trouble with pictures, but
I'll see what I can do. Time to finish my 2nd bottle of Stella (crap
beer here) and head to dinner.

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