Wednesday, June 15, 2011

little update

So I raced SS USA. Something like 3500 feet of climbing in 19 miles (ask Mandlebar). And that didn't include the 6 mile uphill approach to the race start, or the 20 mile drunken (buzzed, ok) descent back into town. More on that later. And I have some great helmet cam footage, which no one will see because Windows Movie Maker is a soulless, crashing program.

And I just returned from Yosemite - my first visit to the valley. Holy crap. What an exercise in contradictions. The most inspiring place I've been pysically, geographically. The most disgusting display of American excess and vulgar laziness. John Muir is probably doing laps in his grave, but it's probably worth it if the park is protected so the idiots can drive from vista to vista. Hike 5 minutes from pavement and the roar of the falls drowns the rest out.

And now it seems I may have the opportunity to race this: Trans Wales 2011. After a 20 mile self-flagellation at Heil Valley (nothing but pedal snaring rocks hidden in the grass and loose gravelly baby heads), I've got some work to do.

I'll try to post some nice photos soon.

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