Monday, March 21, 2011

red sand in every orifice...

This past weekend I met up in the desert with some friends from Flagstaff, including Mr. Handlebarsandwich. Having never been to Moab, and being able to turn it into a little bit of a work trip, I headed out there late last week.


Got up very early on Friday and hiked out to the Delicate Arch in the dark. It was cloudy and windy, and I had the night to myself. I was able to watch color wash over the desert from a sandstone outcropping and the Delicate Arch as my back drop. Coyotes and birds and wind made the only noise.

Hiking back on slickrock.

Hiked back to my car in sunlight and raced back to town only to get blown off by my work appointment... a blessing and a curse!

Nathan, Cait fixiing a flat, and "fuckin' Roadie" Matt chilling in his Speedplay road pedals.

Met up with Matt, Nathan, Claire, and Ada that afternoon, and after a burger with Utah's Best Green Chili, we chamoised up for a hot lap on the Slickrock Trail. Wondering if we had enough sunlight, Matt, Nathan and I threw down and completed the look in a little over 90 minutes. Totally unique experience on the rolling sandstone. incredible views, exposed riding, and more friction than you ever truly trust.

Porcupine Rim trail dropping into the canyon.

Saturday we shuttled and rode the Porcupine Rim, a 10 mile descent into a canyon to the Colorado River. Sunday we rode Sovereign Singletrack - a flowy combination of slickrock, sand, and desert singletrack. 3 trails in 3 days and three completely different styles of riding. 

No comment.

Moab is rad. Totally unique, diverse in riding, exposed, scary, fun, testing, and very physical. My whole body and mind was worked after 3 days of riding.

Nathan about to attempt the sketchy line dead center.

I can't wait to go back. More video and photos to follow.

Driving home... desert transitions back to snowy mountains.


matt mccluskey said...

I've been to Moab several times, and I can't wait to (someday) go back and ride there again.

I highly recommend getting over to St. George and riding Thunder Canyon.

ebearic said...

I love the pics man! Can't wait to see the rest!