Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In case you haven't heard, I'm moving to Colorado. Boulder to be exact, and the uHaul rubber hits the road on Friday. My best friend will be making the trip with me, if only to help move boxes.

I had a little good-bye shindig here on Friday, a bit self-congratulatory I suppose, but it was really a way for me to say thanks to my friends for putting up with me for the last 5 years. Without them, I would not have lasted more than 6 months in the Mid-Atlantic. My attitude went from one of complete abhorrence to a love of an area with a great riding community and some awesome people.

I still don't love the geography here, but the people I now know and the proximity to some cool East Coast shit made my life here more than livable - I'm sad to leave it.

That being said, I'm excited for new opportunities, and comforted in the knowledge that nothing is permanent, and I can always return to any of the many places I've called home in my short life.

So thanks to everyone here in the Mid-Atlantic. Please don't hesitate to look me up if you head West. I love you all, and I'll really miss you.

I'll also try to make more of an effort to keep this bad boy up to date... Sorry to anyone I missed in the photos.