Tuesday, November 10, 2009

monsters of folk...

Saw the Monsters of Folk last night at the Academy of Music. They were a treat to see live. For four guys from three different bands, they had one cohesive sound, and they could have fooled anyone into thinking they had been playing together for years.

They played original MoF tunes, my personal favorite played last night was "Man Named Truth" (sampled below), as well as songs from the catalogues of M Ward, Bright Eyes, and My Morning Jacket.

It was spectacular to watch them switch from perfectly synced rocking out to solo and duet acoustic performances (crappy cell phone video below).

If you get a chance, go see them!

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jz said...

Glad you enjoyed the show. They played in Portland a few weeks ago, but tickets were ridiculously expensive. I saw those guys play their first shows together back in 2004 and it was amazing.