Sunday, August 02, 2009

wilderness 101...

Not much to say here. This was the hardest 100 (and one) miler I've done to date. Some combination of a 2 day old hangover, unpreparedness, and the robust trails in State College sent me to a new depth in the pain cave. Still managed about 10 hours (10:09 or so).

The rigorous beating I received from the rocks, the cramps I fought from mile 27 on, and the loss of my favorite (expensive) Smith shades had me frowning and cursing for the entire 2nd half of the race.

Still, crossing that finish line is about as good as it gets.


Miss. Bea Havin said...

Good job!

Jason said...

Congrats on the finish. I "finished" that's about all I can say. This was my 3rd hundie this year and it was by far the hardest.

Were your shads blue? I saw a pair on the climb out of Aid #3 but didn't pick them up. Now that I say this I hope they weren't yours or I look like a dick. sorry.

Again, great finish.