Friday, August 28, 2009

help liz and win some cool shit!

Please keep on reading! A little bird tells me the prize list will keep on growing....
Hello and thanks for taking a moment (or two) to read about the raffle I've put together to raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. First, a bit about me so you know why this cause means so much to me personally:

I was diagnosed with lung cancer on October 24, 2006. I was 26 years old and was an avid runner and skier. I loved spending any and all of my time outside, and as you can imagine, this diagnosis came as quite a shock. Since then I have undergone chemotherapy, had 2/3 of my right lung removed, and went through radiation and chemo once again. Eight months after my initial treatments and surgeries ended, I was re-diagnosed once again and I've been on chemo for the year and a half since. Despite the treatments, I still find time to run, ski, rock climb, hike, and ride my bike. I've found a lot of strength through the community offered by the Lance Armstrong Foundation; it teaches us that we are survivors from the moment we are diagnosed, and we form a powerful army against cancer. The Livestrong Challenges take place all over the country and offer different ways to be involved - from volunteering to riding 100 miles - in order to spread the word about the LAF. My first year, just six months after surgery, I rode 40 miles. Last year, while on chemo, I rode 100 miles. This year I hope to do the same, only this year, I am traveling to the home of the LAF, Austin, Texas, to do it.

I like to think everyone has given me some strength when I have needed it and this year is no exception. So, read on to see how you can have a chance to win some great prizes and take part in a good cause all at the same time.

The event: The LizLivestrong Raffle
The dates: now until Friday, October 2 (Livestrong Day)

The goods: [the good part!]
- a daypack from The North Face
- a Nuptse Vest from The North Face (
- a gift card good for one pair of Dansko clogs (
- a gift card good for $50 at Trail Creek Outfitters (
- a sweet pair of cycling sunglasses courtesy of Henry's Bikes (
- a new cable set up for your road bike courtesy of Gore RideOn (
- awesome goody bags with tidbits from The North Face, Cannondale, Livestrong, and more

What to do:
- go to It will reroute you to my fundraising website
- make a donation. Here's the breakdown:
1 ticket = $10
3 tickets = $25
7 tickets = $50
10 tickets = $75
15 tickets = $100
25 tickets = $150
35 tickets = $200
- once you've made your donation, please send an email to "". You don't have to put anything in the email - I just need a way to get in touch with you when you win!

- I will draw the winners and notify them over the weekend of October 2, which is Livestrong Day.

- think about making even a $10 additional one for a chance to win. At this time I am trying to raise $2,100 to hit my goal of $5,000 (which I have raised each year so far)

Please let me know if you have any questions! And please join me in a heartfelt thank you to the companies that have made donations thus far. If there is anything you'd like to donate (but not your old clunker, that is a different deal) please send word!

All the best. Be well and Livestrong,


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