Sunday, May 10, 2009


After spending the better part of the last week indoors, I hit the streets today on the road bike. Buddy was leading a nice loop around Chester County, so I decided to ride the 20 miles from home to meet him - with full intention of getting 100 miles on the road today. Joining us were two Guy's guys, John and Jay.

It was awesome to have some sun, 70 degrees, blue sky. But the wind was f*%&ing brutal. Steady 20 - 25 mph out of the northwest. Given the loop I ended up riding, it was never a full tailwind. So that, combined with the hills Buddy linked up shortened the ride to 80 miles. Either way, a great day.

Highlights included watching Buddy take out a squirrel - the little bastard paid the price for darting under the front wheel of the fastest fat guy around - and the descent down Penn Green. Granted my bike was making all kinds of noise, but look how sweet these roads are:

Thanks to Jan for helping me diagnose the weird noise coming from the bike as a loose freehub body. All is now well.

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