Sunday, March 22, 2009

sprang has sprung...

As I sit here sipping my first bottle of my first batch of homebrew prematurely (definitely needs more than a week to carbonate), I'm left to reflect on what was a pretty good weekend. Started off with a hard edition of the Chester County ride. The Happy Canadian and the Angry German left me a shattered, broken man. After bringing Tough Cookie to the airport, washing the bikes, and brewing a second batch of beer, I finally had a chance to relax with some beer, enchiladas, and good company.

Today, I rolled over in bed, thinking I should just sleep in and scrap the planned mountain bike ride. Instead I met up with Buddy, Faticus, the Angry German, and Kurtee at Fair Hill. Despite the Fat One's efforts to set a steady pace (in which he succeeded) I was shattered and decided to pull off with Kurtee to cut my losses.

After nursing my wounds, I met up with some of the previously mentioned characters plus Monkey to watch the collegiate boys and girls race a crit on the UofD campus. The racing was pretty fun to watch. Turns out UVM still sandbags every race but the A race. In the B race, they had 6 people in the 10 man chase group, so it was super nice to see the UPenn win off the front. He owes his teammate a beer for the job he did disrupting the chase.

The fuzz said Marc's man-pris were illegal.

The Angry German wanted to try on some ironic hipster attire for size.

The worst part of the whole day was watching the lower category men and women trying to negotiate the corner at the bottom of the course. There was a crosswalk right at the entrance of the turn which acted as a launch ramp, and the landing pad was a hard left hander with a manhole cover in it. Not only did two racers go down - one girl from Williams planted her helmet into the curbing while a Yale guy flew 5 feet through the air and broke his fall with his face - but the race official on the moto went down and left in an ambulance. As I said to one of the UD guys, "Great course design guys."

The launching pad with a UVM racer entering the danger zone.

Faceplant Yale racer after eating the curb.

Ninja Don and the Rutgers boys boycotted the race because of it's genius design.

The only thing that eclipsed the racing was the heckling - this is where the DCCofD really shines. Jan was cheering for the Saturn pace car, which could barely keep ahead of the peloton. I was cheering for anyone but UVM, and Marc was rooting for the local boys he recognized. My favorite UVM heckles included "You guys can give up, your teammate cracked!" and at the end of the B race, to 6 UVMers: "Now you should be nicely warmed up for the A race!" To which one guy shook his head and said: "I'm a Cat 4!" I say he's a sandbagger.

The Saturn pace car chasing hard to catch the field.

Now I'm trying to relax on the couch, but the kid next door is still doing laps around his house on his 4-wheeler. The little fucker has literally been riding the thing for the last 2 days NONSTOP. There is a dirt path worn in around their house:

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