Sunday, February 15, 2009

oh no...

Legs are feeling shredded after a day of telemarking in the Poc-Oh-No!s yesterday and 3 hours battling the wind today on the bike. Tough Cookie and I headed up to Shawnee Mountain yesterday for a little Pennsylvania shred.

Look at all the snow.

Unnecessary signage.

Insane: 700' of vertical gnar. 50" of snow a year.

Pocono wildlife, crack kills.

Telemark turns: invented in a small town in Norway. Sliding down on your ass: invented in Stroudsburg, PA.

The pizza-wedge swarm.

Tough Cookie demonstrates proper Poc-Oh-No! ski style.

The skiing was fun, if not terrifying. The prefered method of descent seemed to be straight down, modulating speed with a little pizza-wedge action. Stopping was achieved most often by ejection from skis and a superman down the slope.

Surviving alone would have made for a good day, a couple good left turns on my tele-skis made for a great day.


Gavagan Death Trail said...

More french fries less pizza please

Suki said...

"we don't supah man no more, we just spiderman those hoes."