Saturday, January 17, 2009

quick review...

I intended this to be a quick comparison of my mountain bikes, but typing "review" derailed me. So, I'll throw in my 2 cent on "My Bloody Valentine 3D". I went to see it last night with some friends and it held its own as far as cheesy slasher flicks go. The 3D was a super cheap thrill, and well executed for the most part. The plot and acting were laughable; but hey, I don't know about you - I love that in a slasher flick. And of course the blood and guts were too much, but I'm not going to complain about gratuitous boobies in 3D. Honestly, I hope you get the nerdy high school kids next to you making cracks at perfect moments. They had me clutching my ribs in pain I was laughing so hard.

Anyway, on to the bikes. I don't want this to be a boring spec list of my two mountain bikes. Really, dear Reader, I am just amazed at the very different personalities of my bikes, and I wanted to write it down for me as much as anyone else.

I'm not a super bike-tech nerd; generally, I prefer reliability and uber-low maintenance in components above weight or bling. That being said, I'm fairly happy with the parts on both bikes. They are both a pleasure to ride.

The Singlespeed: Kona Kula Deluxe 2-9

The easiest way to differentiate between the bikes, gearing aside, is that riding the Kona is like sitting in the passenger seat of a Cadillac while riding the Niner is like driving a super-tuned rally car.

The Gears: Niner Air9

The Kona frame size is a Large, and I think the longer wheelbase and more relaxed head angle really stabilize the bike at speed. Behind the handlebars, I really feel like the thing is on auto-pilot, and even with the rigid fork, it descends better than the Niner. I rode the SM100 on the Kona and it was like riding on a cloud. The comfort and stability come at a price, however, and that is turning radius and handling responsiveness.

This is where the Niner is king. Aside from the fact that 5 years on a singlespeed have completely ruined my ability to use gears, I feel like I'm a fairly smooth rider. The Niner really forces me to think to keep the flow. But, when my brain and body are on the same page, this bike lets me cut tighter turns harder and faster and smoother than any other 29er I've ridden. It feels twitchy when I come off of the Kona, but once I settle in, it is like riding a magnified BMX bike. In short, it is snappy and it reminds me why I love to ride in the woods.

So there you go - I really like these bikes. Rode the SS in the cold today with a nice group, and will pull out the gears for tomorrow's hang-over ride. Sorry for the weak post, here's a picture of Faticus blasting a snot rocket to boost my ratings:


ethan said...
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ethan said...

I'm not a super bike-tech nerd; generally, I prefer reliability and uber-low maintenance in components above weight or bling.

That explains the carbon tubulars on your road bike.

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Put that carbon fork on the Niner and it will really carve those corners!

Sue wheat bikes!