Monday, December 01, 2008


First and foremost, I'm thankful I'm not from the Turnpike State - New Jersey, home of the Ugg-wearing daddy's girl and a Nathan's Hot Dogs every 500 meters:

But all kidding (?) aside I'm really thankful for pecan pancakes:

Fall mountain bike rides with a mid-ride rehydration stop:

People who inspire me to work on my log-riding skills and a more boisterous laugh:

Good friends:

New England:

Drinking wine in the year it is meant to be consumed (here's a piece of advice - don't drink 12 year aged Beaujolais Nouveau)

The after effects of drinking copious amounts of wine:

Five Guys:

1 comment:

JenBob said...


what am I supposed to say? You switched a video of you on the turnpike with school girls slamming themselves into a wall.

I'm in awe.