Thursday, November 13, 2008

talk of the weather will do...

Yesterday evening, as I was heading to bed, I thought to myself: "I think I'll ride my bike to work tomorrow." It was a whim that vanished as quickly as it had appeared, but I laid my head on my pillow content with my decision.

Fast forward, dear Reader to 6:30 this morning. I wake up, pour a bowl of cereal, and have a look at the weather forecast:

That giant green and yellow blog was headed straight for my commuting route. So I quickly reneged on my plan and went about brewing my coffee, rather than waiting to do so at work - my normal routine on a day I bike commute.

I finished packing a lunch, read some news on the interwebs, put on a rain-proof jacket, and headed out to the car, coffee in hand. I sit in the driver's seat and realize I've left my keys in the ignition all night, with the radio on. Sure enough, the battery is dead. Just like that, I was riding my bike to work again.

It's a good thing that Ghetto Prom recently underwent yet another transmogrification. About a year ago, iPaul(c) gave me a beautiful old Atala frameset, and that became Ghetto Prom v3.0. You can read about that transformation here. While the Atala was nice, it never quite fit me right, and I tired of commuting to work with a backpack. It wasn't very comfortable, and it left me with a sweaty back.

Allow me to digress a moment: a month ago, I stumbled across a great deal on a Salsa Casseroll, and the dynamic project known as Ghetto Prom took yet another step into the future. While I love the new build, and used parts that have been on and off various versions of Ghetto Prom through her history, I'm left wondering if she's really the same bike with which I began. She's really become my Ship of Theseus. The original Ghetto Prom had cottered cranks, a 1" threaded headset, and shitty 30 year old aluminum bars. Now she's not only blessed with a new frame, but carbon cranks and bars, and panniers. Is she truly still Ghetto Prom?

So with pannier bags loaded, I donned my name-brand waterproof, breathable (my ass) garments, and headed to work in true commuter-dork fashion. Yes, those are baggy waterproof, breathable (again, arguably breathable judging by the amount of sweat inside) pants and matching shoe covers.

I think the only thing that kept me slightly near the center square of a game of hipster bingo was the fact that my fixed gear drive train is powered by a pink chain and a killer (and still growing) beard.


matt mccluskey said...

Glad to see you didn't puss out after all. I rode today as well. Yes, the Name-Brand Garments, are very water proof on the OUTSIDE.

airing out said...

Rain was going to keep you from riding to work??? What's wrong with you?

You got a bike just like mine, except my salsa c has a flower on it.

Suki said...

careful with that beard, dear blogger...

lest you find yourself "randomly selecte" by airport security.

not that I'd take issue with an account of your body cavity search...

but I'd hate to see you miss a flight.