Monday, November 03, 2008


Fair Hill Cross... I've never felt so bad or looked so good. But we'll back it up a little.

The night before was Halloween, so Gav and I decided to head to the Nexus of the Universe - Main St. Newark, DE - for some beers on gears. In costume and on bike, we rolled to Homegrown. We saw some of the DCCofD, and I'm pretty sure Fatmarc made a pass at me before I turned around and he saw my beard.

After a PBR at Homegrown, we tried a number of other establishments, sampling the canned PBR at each place. Turns out it pretty much tastes the same everywhere, so we ended up back at Homegrown. There was a killer band playing - American Buffalo; a great crowd as well. Honestly it was better than some shows I've paid to see. However, they played right up until last call. Granted, dear Reader, that is really early in Delaware, but still a late night before a cross race.

The next morning, it came time to pay the Piper. I rolled up to the second DCCofD event of the year, ready to be Ass to the Race Director. Put in some hard labor rerouting and taping the course, and then donned my costume to race.

Despite my front row start (my Halloween costume was "Jeff Bahnson dressing as Slutty Rob") I have never performed so poorly in a race. The hangover left me wondering if this race would be my first DNF: I have never considered not finishing a race because I felt bad. I think the only reason I stayed in the race was to not let down my fan club and also because I was enjoying the cat calls from fellow racers.

One highlight from the race is almost captured in the picture below. Coming into the barriers in the "Heckle Hut", I got pinned up against the tape on the left side of the course. This forced me to dismount on the right side of my bike, clear the barriers while carrying the bike reverse, and then remounting from the opposite side. I nailed the remount - no hesitation, no stutter step, no testicle squashing, just clean saddle contact and pedaling away. I've never even hit a clean opposite side remount when practicing it for the hell of it.

Thanks to dennisbike for the flattery.

Anyway, I don't think I'll be drinking heavily before a race ever again. Sunday, I ran a 5k with Tough Cookie and met some of her cool PSU friends. I still don't get the big D1 football thing, but it seems some OK people made it out of that school. All in all, a memorable weekend, and another successful race run by the DCCofD.

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Rachel said...

Wow, that's a pretty serious bike shorts tan you have. I love it. Want to have a goggle tan contest in the winter? ;)