Wednesday, October 29, 2008

just hang in there...

A beautiful moment from Granogue, at least this lap it was a smile and not a middle finger.

MegA hanging in there. Photo courtesy of Tough Cookie.

The next day at Wissahickon I think JD got me back for the above harassment of his finer half. He was on my like stink on a chamois - chopping me like a day old onion in every turn and generally working me over like a fine Asian masseuse. Good times.

A mediocre performance on a mediocre bike. Photo courtesy of dennisbike.


MB said...

good times!

the middle finger is commonly used interchangeably for a smile here in grumpy new england--and now you know. . .


fatmarc said...

man i love that bike, when you're done with it I expect it back, it's so nice to ride.