Saturday, August 09, 2008

things heard during...

the women's olympic beach volleyball game between the US and the Dutch.
  • It gets hard playing with a sweaty ball.
  • They like playing with each other.
  • That's what she told me the other night.
  • A double fist, you think?
  • A little anxious moment when they poke it over your head.
  • Nicole Branagh continues to pound away!
I mean it's cool seeing four chicks in bikinis get all sweaty on TV, especially when they're slapping each other in the butt. Then again, these women are second only to power lifters in their masculinity.

I definitely watch it for the double entendre.

Felt like crap on the road today. A short ride by recent standards, and the weather was beautiful. Rode some of my favorite roads, and had a moment where I had the uncontrollable perma-grin that more than made up for how bad my legs felt.

Tomorrow's another 4 park ride, shooting for 60 miles on the mountain bike. Really I guess it's my last true preperation for the Shenandoah Mountain 100. I don't know how guys like Nate at do multiple 100 milers on the MTB throughout the year. I just want to survive.

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