Tuesday, August 26, 2008

live strong...

It is with some sadness, dear reader, that I must report that I missed this year's SSWC. Last year, I was rocketed to international internet fame after my post-race interview, and I hoped to make it back this year to drink and er, uh, ride. This year, not only did I miss the online registration because I was in the back woods, but I had the chance to support Tough Cookie in her first bid at a century.

Not only was she looking to ride 100 miles, she chose a ride with 8,000 feet of climbing. It was a tough ride for even an experienced cyclist. Her report is much better than mine could be, so read that instead: http://blizzardd.blogspot.com/2008/08/not-walking-hills.html.

The perk of riding with Tough Cookie in this event was that I got to go to the mega-fundraising dinner with her the night before the ride. At this event, Lance spoke. I'm not a huge Lance fan, but I love free food and open bar. Nothing better than warming up for cross sandbagging by fundraising-sandbagging.

Though I'm convinced Lance cheated in some or all of his Tour victories, I don't think I'd want that revealed now if it meant the world would lose all of the work he has done promoting cancer research and support. It opened my eyes a little to see how far-reaching his foundation is, and how much it has meant for so many cancer survivors and family members.

Anyway, nothing funny to report. The number of faux-pas I saw on the bike this weekend was staggering. If you played Fred Bingo with chainring tattoos, hairy legs, aero bars at shoulder height, crooked helmets, and Primal jerseys, you'd have grandma's nursing home rife with jealousy. But I promised I wouldn't make fun of people in this ride, so I'll shut my mouth.

It was a long day on the bike, but really nice to see true inspiration, suffering, and achievement. I'll get a little taste of my own on Sunday.

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tough cookie said...

i was counting on you to post the photo of the tough tri-guy drafting off me on that flat-ish section! fail!