Friday, July 25, 2008

to the mid-coast...

So the Tough Cookie and I took a little trip to the Mid-Coast. Luck, Wisconsin to be exact, with a short lay-over in Minneapolis. Let me take you, dear reader, on a little photo-journey.

We landed in Minneapolis, where T.C. ate a gigantic cherry.

I forgot water bottles so we stopped at a typical Mid-Coast bike shop.

Riding bikes in Wisconsin taught me two things: it's really flat in Wisonsin,

...and they have some vicious m-f-ing hornets.

Drank some beers and sat by the lake.

Things that make me proud to be an American: an eagle on a Stars and Stripes being pulled on a John Deere in front of a PBR street sign.

Don't even have to go to your local 40+ hot spot to find me some Cougars.

D-Bag Claim.

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Zach said...

ur funny, cause u make jokes......:-D