Tuesday, July 15, 2008

afternoon nap...

I've never been a napper. I find that naps throw me off and disrupt my sleep-wake cycle. If I am really tired, I usually just tough it out until bed time and then sleep a little better than normally. For this reason, I deal well with jet lag - just tough it out, pretend you've always been in this time zone and voila, you're good to go. But I'll get back to the nap issue in a minute...

The Sport/Expert split with marshall station.

Anyway, I love riding at Fair Hill, some of the finest singletrack in the region. But I ride it so often, I really can't see paying 35 bucks to ride that which I already ride. So when Faticus and the Keg Breaker mentioned this year's evil plan to marshall the Sport/Expert trail split at this year's race, I was in.

The Team.

I guess it wasn't so evil... Honestly the plan was to provide a watering hole for the racers who were racing in 95 degree heat. We had to stay hydrated of course, so [not] beer was a logical choice. And you need some grilled sausage to wash down the beverages. And of course, every watering hole needs a life guard. "Safety first!" was our motto. But boy, that lifeguarding really wore me out.


The watering hole in use.

So all that being said, it's also a rare occasion that I am drinking [not] beer at 10 in the morning. Usually I wait until at least 11:30 to crack open a cold one. And morning drinking seems to be the one thing that cracks my no-nap style. Or maybe it wasn't beer at all, lifeguarding is tough work. Either way, at 4 pm, I was snoozing soundly on the couch.

"Safety first!" Life guarding is tough work.

All pictures courtesy of Faticus and Buddy.

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wunnspeed said...

I'm incredibly disturbed (in a really sick and twisted way) by that last photo. :-)

Keep up the fun!