Saturday, June 07, 2008


I have a special sock. It is the only piece of Twin Six apparel I own - aside from the t-shirt I borrowed from Faticus. This sock appeared in my possession shortly after last summer's 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey. As I was racing with several members of the Frank Zappa Kappa who were sponsored by Twin Six, this was not surprising. And despite the fact that several of those gentleman have complained of losing a T6 sock, this sock will remain in my care.

Twin Six makes some nice socks.

The only obvious question I have not answered, dear reader, is why I'm so keen on keeping my solo sock. "What good is a single sock to a common man like myself?" you might ask. This very question was answered during a group conversation while Brent from Minneapolis was in town.

As it turns out, there are many uses for a solo sock. There's the obvious use of the sock as a pants stuffer. Also popular, but arguably disgusting was the term "spankin' sock". I assure you that I have not commandeered the sock to either of those two ends. We also learned that Zayne Bronze has a special use for the sock - junk protector in the tanning bed. After all, who wants a roasted wiener? However, when you see my pasty white ass, you'll know I fear the UV.

What mystery lies within the stuffed sock?

No, dear reader, I have a found a very pragmatic use for my singular sock. It serves as a great tool holder for the rear jersey pocket while out riding the dirt. The only thing missing right now is a spare tube.

Form follows function.

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Suki said...

I'm glad you addressed the spank sock issue outright...

avoided the need for messy accusations and snickering behind your back, you did.