Wednesday, May 14, 2008

inspiration comes in many forms...

Tough Cookie has been battling lung cancer for the better part of the last 2 years. After the first time she laid the smack-down on the disease, she rode 40 miles in the LIVESTRONG challenge just 6 months after having 2/3rds of her right lung chopped out. This may help provide some insight into her nickname...

Nonetheless... before leaving remission and re-entering into a world of CT and PET scans, Carboplatin, and fighting for her life, she signed up to do this year's 100 mile LIVESTRONG challenge. Now she is not only striving to rid her body of cancer, but planning on riding a century in support of everyone else fighting for their health.

A century is a great accomplishment, even for everyday cyclists, let alone cancer fighters/survivors. I decided to sign up for the ride to support Tough Cookie as well as raise some money for a cause that has made a huge difference in her fight. The thought of begging for the minimum $250 was a little daunting, having never done such a thing.

I sent out an email to a small group of friends, family, and co-workers. Basically anyone who Tough Cookie wasn't asking in her goal of raising $5000. I asked for a small sum, that if multiplied by the number of people on the list, would quickly get me to the $250 mark.

Within 4 hours, I had surpassed that line. I started getting choked up at my desk. I can't really explain how much it means. Watching someone go through this battle is tough, and at times inspiring.

A large part of that inspiration stems from the support people give total strangers. So thank you to all that have donated. In a quick, overwhelming moment, I realized how lucky I am to have myself surrounded by the kindest, most compassionate people on the planet.

Having reached my initial goal, I won't post the link to my fundraising site. But, I will ask that if you are feeling generous, or haven't found a good use for your Pandering-to-the-masses-re-elect-the-Republicans Bush Bucks, or you just want something to write off on your taxes next year, you should help Tough Cookie hit her goal of $5,000:

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