Tuesday, May 13, 2008

function over form...

Form is out these days. My body is road-weary, my belly is a little bigger than usual. This was evidenced most recently while riding with Faticus and the Keg Breaker. There was some snap in the legs, but there was no endurance. One hour into our traipse around Fair Hill and I was cooked. Two hours and I was pretty cracked. At the three hour mark I was shattered. But not that painful, I-hate-riding shattered. I was still smiling, still happy to be out on two wheels and hanging with good friends.

Form is also going out the door with my Spot Brand 29er frame: classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=20180&cat=38. Which must mean I'm on a new bike:

The Kona does not yet have a nickname.

Function is the word of the day on both fronts. My legs are spinning. They will pedal a bike and take me from point A to B. The Kona rides beautifully - possibly better than the Spot. It just feels more balanced, and I'm using the rear wheel I've always wanted to use.

But I must admit. Form is suffering a little with the loss of the Spot frame. I really like the clean lines of the steel tubing. I really liked the solid white frame with black components. I liked that the Spot was one-of-a-kind (for better or worse). The Kona is a sharp looking bike, but it doesn't have the same panache as the Spot.

Finally, I'll post this because I think it's a good cause and I know how little funding cancers outside of the Boob Cancer world receive. Plus you can win some cool shit.


Please enter early and often, and send along to your friends.


wunnspeed said...

I'm sure it's tough to give up the Spot but the Kona is a sweet replacement bike.

Frank Brigandi said...

those Kona's ride nicely.
well, it's green, it has a rear wheel you like and isn;t as slek as your last bike.
comparison -
J-lo has a rear I;d like to ride, she looks great in green, and isn;t very sleek she's got more shape to her...
The bike shall be named J-Lo