Sunday, March 09, 2008

useless toys...

Seeing as my last 3 weeks of riding have totalled 9, maybe 10 hours in the saddle (yes, folks, that's 3 hours per week), I figured I'd take the opportunity today, the first day in a few with sun, to head out on the road.

Faticus and Slick Rick the Ruler offered up a nice option with a 3 hour loop around Chester County. Sadly, when I awoke this morning to see the tops of the trees fighting to stay vertical in the wind, I knew I was in for a little pain.

Joining yours truly on the roster for today's suffering:
  • Jan, aka Uncle Mike - the angrier than usual German who made the smart move and went home to the trainer.
  • Dennisbike, who also bailed early.
  • fatmarc, who was apparently on a super secret Mayhem training plan that banned both the little ring and any water consumption.
  • Buddy the Leg Breaker, who "was feeling really shitty" as he took four of the six king of the mountain sprints.
  • Leo.... enough said.
  • TedLogic: the timing of his attacks will always keep the peloton guessing, while his 'recovery periods' provided some much needed rest for my fat ass.
  • and lastly, Slick Rick the ruler. Thank god I could grab his wheel in the wind today.
Ahh, the joy of drafting Slick Rick in 25 mph headwinds.

Adding to the fun today, and the last (very) few times I've ridden is the fact that my bike is adorned with a Garmin GPS device, known universally to be a completely unnecessary yet amazingly fun toy. At least you can upload your data straight to

From the integrated altimeter and heart rate monitor I've learned that my heart beats faster when I'm climbing... Amazing!!!

The headwind made today's stats look pretty pathetic, but we were all shattered up the last climb today, so I suppose that's what counts. I'm just glad to have some hours in the saddle.

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william said...

how'd you take that while riding....