Monday, March 03, 2008

i'm no superman...

I'm learning to pick my battles. My instinct is to attain proficiency in everything I try. Of course, one can not tackle it all. If I'm working hard at the 9 to 5 and trying to be a good friend / mentor / teammate / family member, the hours on the bike diminish. If I'm riding hard and trying to on-sight 5.10s at the gym, I feel physically strong, but my personal relationships suffer.

Right now I'm struggling to find that balance. Worker bee, cyclist, climber, friend, brother, son, nephew, boyfriend, world-traveler, blogger even... I'm none of those things and all at once. And constantly living in fear that one is flourishing at the cost of another.

How do you find this balance? Where do the star performers find the time to do it all? Or is it an illusion? Am I just putting too many courses on the menu?

Jack of all trades, master of none - but maybe that's the form of fulfillment in my case... Maybe I'm simply a pro when it comes to being average at lots of things. Maybe a diversified portfolio is my strength and I should focus on doing that well. My existence rides on the back of personal improvement; if I'm not growing, changing, learning, I feel stagnant.

It's a challenge too, to balance the thankfulness I have for my health and well-being and lot in life with the inadequacies that haunt me from time to time. I've had many windows into tougher worlds, and I'm lucky to live in mine. After all, how many people have skied, laughed, bicycled, cried, climbed, worked, and touched two of the World's big blue oceans all in the same week?

The sun sets over the Pacific,

but it will rise again over the Atlantic.


Suki said...


the key to doing it all (with varying degrees of success, of course)...

is plenty of naps.

rest up, kiddo.

Oqui said...

Seems to be a recurring theme in many of our lives as of late. How do we do it all without losing our minds? How do you prioritize between so many 'important' elements of what make you, 'you'? I subscribe to the jack of all trades, master of none lifestyle. I ski, bike, climb, hike, etc... But the people in our lives are more important than the things in our lives. So although the weight of so many responsibilities and hobbies can be a burdensome load there are ways that it can be lightened when you, as Suki suggests, take a nap, center yourself and sincerely realize what, rather, who, is the priority.

Coming off a tough weekend and having to change plans became much easier when we realized that a weekend climbing trip has nothing on a lifetime of love, committment and adventure.

Now, back to work number one.