Thursday, March 13, 2008

I love to air dry....

To me, there is nothing better than hopping out of the shower, sitting around naked, maybe check the email, eat a cookie... Behold, the beauty of vaporization. It's the lazy man's towel.

Unfortunately, the evaporative process is not time effective after a lunch-break bike ride. Not to mention, my favorite method of drying off would leave me exposed and vulnerable to attacks of the prank-crazy coworkers. And there's no way I'm checking my email in the buff at work. That would go over like a turd in a punch bowl.

So, dear reader, you must be thinking to yourself: "No big deal - after a lunch break bike ride, our hero will simply revert to the second best method of post-shower drying - the towel." You are correct, that is the next best thing. It is comforting, cozy, and time effective to wipe down with a freshly laundered, fabric softened towel after a rinse.

Sadly, however, your hero is a dazed and forgetful protagonist in the morning when he is packing his gear for the day ahead. The towel has been forgotten many a time before the first sip of morning coffee. Today was no exception, leaving only one option: the undershirt dry-down.

After soaking this through, I had to make a nude dash for some auxiliary paper towels.

The absorption properties of the undershirt are lackluster, and leave you with the threat of sweating through your top-shirt for the rest of the day. Well worth it, however, for a mid-day stroll on the bike.


fatmarc said...

who showers after their mid day lunch break... what are you soft?

Jason said...

lots of "soiled chamois" labels. I'm starting to get a complex about my blog's name. Oh yeah, you might wanna pack some T.P.