Monday, February 18, 2008

facial hair...

It seems that rockstar facial hair stylings have a lot to do with admirable, but not victorious efforts on the bike. Case and point:

Example 1.

Example 2.

Dave Zabriskie takes note in the Tour of Califonia prologue.

Check out his site - wasted time well spent.


Ethan said...

I was in Solvang last week and saw a small group of Slipstream riders on their TT bikes preparing for TOC. I was wondering who on the team would be sporting a moustache like that, should have known it would have been Dave Z.

Jason said...

I love it. Chops, stache, bring it on. It's the Anti-Levi look. Nothing against Levi, and I'm not a "baldist" I just don't do "complete bald" so well. Sadly my facial hair is that of an 11 year old boy.