Sunday, December 09, 2007


has taken over the bulk of my exercise lately. I miss the bike, but the lack of light after work during the week, combined with the seemingly endless rhythm of bad weather weekends has left me with fewer options for jacking up my heart rate.

I'm ashamed to say it, but I'm actually kind of enjoying the change of pace. Running carries a different kind of satisfaction, I'm guessing it's the same kind of satisfaction a masochist has after a hot sexual encounter.

Regardless, Friday night found me in my running shoes, joined by Tough Cookie, Chunky Monkey, BreyLaLa, and the Potty Mouth Princess running my first 5K race - the Reindeer Romp for Special Olympics of DE. Yeah I ran with a bunch of girls - but they are tough broads, so don't discount my accomplishment. They pushed me the whole way.

The best part of the evening had to be going out to dinner with the DCCofD, many of which had been volunteering for the event. I hadn't seen many of these fine people since I finished 'cross early a few weeks ago. It was awesome, but sad that it took a running event to bring us together. Fatmarc said something I can't remember that made me spew beer from my nose.

I joined Tough Cookie and her family in NYC on Saturday for lunch and some Christmas time city viewing. A nice way to spend a weekend day, and I got a sweet new hat.

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