Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Already thinking about 2008.

Some tentative goals:
Of course my job will probably interfere and blow this to shreds, but it's something to keep me motivated through the winter.

Who wants in?


tough cookie said...

i want in on a donut ride! i can catch the tail-end of the approach to the donuts rather conveniently from home.

and maybe an august century. it is a pseudo-goal. is it bad to set pseudo-goals?

breyla-la said...

I'm down for the 100, maybe that C&O thingy. JW wants to do all of the semi-local 100s... that I'm not so sure of. Setting myself up for another cross season with hardly anything left... not again!

Suki said...

I'm in...

but only for the post-ride engorgement.

I like'a da foods.

huber said...

see ya on that dusty trail!

rbilson said...

You should add the Wilderness 101 on July 28th. It's a great race.