Wednesday, October 31, 2007

not dead yet...

despite my bitching and moaning, and the lack of any material added to this site, I am still alive.

Last week was a series of parties, new friends, old friends, bike rides, sleeping in late, and no cyclocross.

Sunday I left for Camp Verde Arizona for a two day immersion in a machine shop, working on prototypes. I even got in a nice 3 hour ride up a canyon. 7 miles of climbing at 5-7% gradient, fucking fun descent let me tell you...

Tonight Halloween X-practice. Then El Jefe.
Then I go to Chicago tomorrow.

Then one of the bros shows up for the weekend. Fair Hill will be raced. Beer will be consumed. Love, fun, peace, happiness, life, and maybe some halloween zombies.

That is all. I am boring. Live with it.

1 comment:

IF Chicks said...

Happy Halloween !!
YOU, my friend are not boring>
I am signed up for MAC race at Beacon and those two Crank Bros races in NJ.

good luck in your travels and races til then.