Saturday, October 20, 2007

Material Issues...

No excuses, but the blog has been a little sidelined due to my insane work / cross schedule. Also, my desktop shit the bed, so I essentially have no personal PC right now. The photos are collecting with no place to go right now. I hope for a photo journey at some point.

Rolled up to Gloucester last weekend for some classic New England cross racing. Tom and I split the drive in his new toy work utility vehicle - zee Sprinter. That thing is pimp. On the way home we filled it with 3 racers, 7 bikes, a cooler and a Ozone depleting cloud of Danny Summerhill's farts. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Awesome to be in New England. I forgot how much I love and miss my original home. The Gloucester race course was among the most fun I have ever raced, and it felt fucking good to sandbag the Cat 4 field for some stellar results. But the talent is deep up there, and I did have to race for 4th on Saturday.

Even better was seeing my mom, brother Nick, surrogate mom Sherryl, and Rosie. The fam drove from Maine, and Rosie from Boston to see me race so I wanted to go hard. Hole shot on day one, held it for a lap. Finished 4th. It was fun. Rosie took lots of pictures. It was awesome to see my family and Rosie. Simply awesome.

Today I rode in circles around the Granogue estates. All the dirty rotten crossers will have stories I'm sure. My race was crap. My legs felt awesome, but somehow it took me 3 laps to realize my rear brakes were dragging against my completely warped rim. Bike change helped, but the damage was done. The highlight of the day was taking a beer feed from Buddy and promptly stacking it up on the roots by the barriers as I was finishing the beer. I looked at this little girl as I collected myself: "Don't drink and drive kids."

I'm feeling spanked right now. Work + cross + work + travel = tired. At least Taiwan is off.

Other awesome people I met this weekend: Suki (for the 2nd time), MegA, Kerry C (ok, also the 2nd time), and Mark from Rutgers.


Fxdwhl said...

Blog world meets real world. Got some pictures of you at Wiss on my flickr page. Good meeting ya.


Suki said...

had a hella good time grabassing with ya.

just WAIT til you see those nipple shots.

megA said...

Dear Ripeness,

You crack my ass up.

Keep on doing what you do, and all things will fall into place.

So nice meeting with you and swapping stories of stools.