Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So the race report...

Basically it goes like this. Singlespeed Worlds were held over the first weekend in September in beautiful Aviemore Scotland. The schedule looked something like: Saturday evening was the decider for hosting rights for SSWC2008. Sunday was the race itself.

The decider.

My only goal was to get there in time for the decider. Maybe bring worlds back to the East Coast. Sadly, a delayed flight and missing rental car (thanks Budget!) got me into Aviemore too late to make the start of the decider. I caught the ass end of the event, and it looked awesome. Judges watched on as two contenders spun matching fixies on rollers a predetermined distance that was measured by a giant clock. As soon as the contender completed the distance, they had to jump off, take a shot of weasel piss whisky, and do a traditional Highlands dance. Curtis from Napa won the event, and SSWC will return to the states next year.

Could have been Saturday or Sunday night - it's one big blur.

Saturday night, I drank a *cough* few *cough* beers. I met a dude from Titus who was also there on his own. Nice enough guy, so we were hanging out, chatting with various racers at the local bars. This one guy named Kevin was really looking for friends, so he kept buying round after round. I liked Kevin. It was a late night, and the dancing at the club kept me up until 2 or 3 AM.

This little bastard kicked ass.

Sunday morning, roll out of bed hungover. My head is swimming and my stomach feels like it is filled with mayonnaise. I stumble to the dining room of the guesthouse for a Scottish breakfast. The eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and half a tomato help settle the stomach. I hop on the bike, buy 4 pints of some German pils, and roll to the race meeting place.

Obligatory self portrait.

The hour long ride out to the race start was miserable. I kept burping up breakfast and fighting the urge to barf everywhere. Looking back I should have barfed. The race began after a regroup. LeMans start, long run. On the descent Adam Craig passes me for the first of three times that day and says "Someone hung my bike in a tree!" Wah Wah Adam. The big pro mountain biker has to work for his win.

Adam crushed the field in a hot-pants Canadian Tuxedo.

The course was amazing. Rocks, roots, singletrack, loam, foam, drops, berms, a long ass climb on a dirt road, a steep ass climb on loose singletrack, and one of the finest descents I have ever done on a mountain bike. I did 3 of the 5 required laps. The first lap was all traffic jam. Mostly walking. The second lap I rode some fun sections that I wanted to clean after the first lap, but took in the scenery and took some pictures as well. The third lap, I only did it because I wanted to do that descent one more time.

Riding in the heather.

I was a little drunk by the end. A beer between every lap catches up with a guy. But it made the hangover go away. After the race, I took a quick nap, and then went off to the BBQ. Great food, great people. I tried to drink a beer with dinner but my gut protested, so I stuck to whisky for the rest of the night. I went to bed a happy and shattered boy.

Mom on a singlespeed pulling a kid.

The only thing I would do differently are the two following things:
I would stay in Scotland a lot longer and get in more riding. The mountain biking was fucking amazing. I would make sure to bring along some good friends. Inside jokes aren't funny when there's no inside. I missed my mates, and I was envious of every other group who had a tight crowd representing.

Go ride in Scotland.

See you in Napa.

Full photo set available here:


JenBob said...


I can hardly believe you're the same (destroyed) guy I waited for at the porta-potty while you cleaned up with baby wipes at Lodi.

You've come a long way these past few months. You make me proud.

Suki said...

you make me proud, too.

but that has absolutely NOTHING to do with riding...


huber said...

Nothing burps like bacon!

MJ said...

That pretty much looks like it was an amazing time. I'm pretty bummed I didn't go but my MCAT went pretty well today so it was worth the trade off. My favorite picture of the event so far is:

Rob Thomas, making friends in Scotland...

Mrs. Outlaw said...

Great meeting a fellow East Coaster @ SSWC07. Thanks for turning us on to hobnob cookies! We all brought some home. Yum!


riderx said...

Thanks for the beer at the finish. I posted a picture of our "special moment" (HaHaHa) on my site (

Drop a line if you and the DE crew want to visit Fredrock, MD for some tasty trail riding.


gwadzilla said...

that is awesome

Adam Craig kicked ass in scotland the next weekend as well!