Saturday, September 22, 2007

one more cup of coffee for the road...

before I head into the valley below.

Uber-pimp-daddy of "team deals" KMan found a deal I couldn't resist a few months back. Despite knowing I was taking an irresponsible dent in my wallet, and the complete and utter foolishness of buying a component that will not survive the slightest crash, I decided to buy a set of deep dish carbon-bling wheels for my cross bike.

Taiwan's finest engineering.

My justification here was: "Hey, that shit's expensive, but still cheaper than a pit-bike, and I'll have a spare wheelset in the pit in the case of a flat." Hell I even earned $5.60 in cash back on my credit card. Win-win.

So the wheels show up. Wednesday before cross practice I decide to mount them on my steed and give 'em a go at Location X, site of mysterious DCCofD activity. Low and behold, the geniuses behind high-quality Taiwanese engineering have decided to put the braking surface about 10 mm lower than on a standard rim. The wheels even come with a special brake holder that drops the pad to align with the braking surface.

So what does this mean for me? Sure, I can run these on my Redline and look like a pimp as I'm blown out the back of the group, but I won't be able to use any spare wheels in the pit. The brake pads would conveniently align with my spoke nipples.

Anyway, my solution went like this. Fuck the carbon wheels for cross. I took my American Classic Sprint 350s off of my road bike and fitted them up with a new set of Michelin Muds. They are light, they are stiff (vertically at least), and they are notorious for their lack of durability and lack of lateral stiffness. HA, at least they are light. The carbons are going on the road bike for all of those road races in which I compete. And the pig wheelset that came on the Redline will be the pit spares. I think I'd rather DNF the race than put those back on the bike.

This morning I went to the Fatcave with Monkey and Faticus to do some openers. Sure enough, the AmClassics spin up to speed super fast, and climb like Chris Sharma, but the first time I threw them into an off camber corner at speed, they were flexing right into the brake pads. Awesome. When I got home I even saw some metal shavings on the pads. Yeah, this should be fun.

Legs are feeling mysterious, but I'm excited none-the-less for a good old fashioned ass kicking at Charm City Cross tomorrow. Then, it's off to Vegas Baby!

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Frank Brigandi said...

bummer about the wheels, if you run a 10 speed shimano setup, you can use my kyserium Sl's when I am done racing like garbage in the C's..
I have tufo's and a dura ace cassette setup on there..