Saturday, September 29, 2007

move interbike to colorado!

We're rolling down the Philly runway last Sunday night. An hour late, but that's Philly right? I'm listening to some tunes on the iPod. Yeah turn the electronics off... righhht.

The pilot throttles up and I start to press back into my seat. My post race body is happy, my eyelids are heavy, the music is just right. This is so routine now. Get on plane, fall asleep, wake up somewhere new.

Halfway down the runway, my eyes are wide open, my knuckles are white, and Broken Social Scene is drowned out by the sound of screeching tires. The whole plane is shuddering to a halt from 100 miles per hour.

Five minutes pass. No one on the plane is even breathing. The pilot comes on in his practiced voice: "Well folks, we lost engine 2 there, and I thought it would be better to stop the plane on the ground than mid-air." I swear the metal of the plane itself sighed a breath of relief.

24 hours later, and countless minutes of bad customer service, and a stay at the hotel airport, and 8 hours of sitting in an airport chair, I hit the skies, albeit a little less relaxed, for Vegas. Yeah, I missed the Outdoor Demo. Yeah, I gave up 1.5 weekend days. Yeah, I hate Vegas. Yeah, I missed home, and I missed cross practice. But the good trips I get more than make up for the shitty trips.

The good:

I got a sweet backpack from Crumpler! Those guys are super cool, their product rocks, their booth was awesome.
I ate a lot of food!
Our product launch was pretty successful!
My picture was on!
I got upgraded to first class flying back from Vegas.
I got a round trip ticket out of US Airways for my troubles.

Tomorrow I will race Lilypons cross with mystery legs. We'll see.

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Suki said...

ok. I'll be the one to say it...

you're just so dang cute.