Sunday, September 23, 2007


Charm City Cross is behind us. put on a fine event (and thanks for the beer!) as well as cleaned up in the races. Fatmarc took a commanding win in the Master 3/4s, taking 3 teammates to the podium as well. E-town owned the killer-Bs. Well done to both.

Yours truly was satisfied with 14th in the killer-Bs, this being my first outing with the big(ger) boys. Top 20 was the goal, top 15 was nice, 10 would have been icing.

Good start, right into the top ten out of the gate, and this coming from row 4 of the start line. I lost a couple spots through the first 3 laps, then had to settle in. Lap 4 gave me some needed recovery. Laps 5 and 6, I put the rest on the table and let it all hang out there. Attacking the uphill to the natural barrier seemed to be my secret to catching and dropping a few guys in the final laps. I'll take it. The wheel situation wasn't a situation at all. The bike was turning like a record, baby.

The DCCofD had an amazing showing, if not only in numbers. I'm amazed at how well our little family handles their bikes in the fray; how well we handle the turns, the technical; and how well we can take someone to the tape in the turns. I owe many thanks to the daring, dashing, darting, dipping, diving, dodging DCCofD for tearing me down and building me back up.

Also, watch out for Jebbagger. 14 years old, 5th place in the Bs. And he's gonna kill the ladies if he isn't already. I'm off.

Check out the Faster, Skinnier, Better Looking ladies and gents on the right side for a little more 'cross action reporting.

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Frank Brigandi said...

you rocked Rob.....shoulda worn pink though it's more....betterer....
I may have 2 buyers for Fitzy's bikes... ask him to call my shop when he can..

Don't eat the yellow snow.