Saturday, August 18, 2007

the air is rare...

woke up this morning.
stepped outside with my coffee.
the air was brisk, the skies clear.
hopped on the cross bike and cruised to the park to meet some DCCofD brethren.
warmed up on the grass for a few minutes.
did some sprint intervals.

nothing like cool air flowing through your lungs.
nothing like the grass clippings flying off the tyres.
nothing like the *chunk*chunk* of a gear change resonating through carbon rims.
nothing like testing the relationship between rubber and grass while cornering.
nothing like the curious gaze from walkers in the park.
nothing like the sweet taste of breakfast knocking at the back of your throat.
nothing like the speed, response, acceleration, and challenge of a finely tuned cross bike.

cross is here ladies and gentlemen.
cross is here.

special thanks to Slick Rick for fitting me properly on my bikes.
they are now worthy of riding.


Suki said...

needs more cowbell.

Anonymous said...

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