Sunday, July 22, 2007

steamed cabbage?

Ever have bad gas at work, and you walk down the halls, relaxing the cheeks so as to not stink up your office? Well then you've been "cropdusting".

Ever let one go in bed and then pull the sheets over your partner's head? Of course that's the "dutch oven".

How about getting a little more than you bargained for, like I did during the 4 park ride that one time? The dreaded "shart".

But what about a really stinky one that is magnified by the heat of the water in the shower? I'm proposing a name for that - here and now: "steamed cabbage". What are your thoughts? Any better ideas?

This weekend was yet another defined by the three things I seem to do in my free time - riding, climbing, and eating out. After a delicious Friday night meal at Klondike Kate's of the turkey ham and cheese on a pretzel roll with Fattius Marcus and Chunky Monkey, I woke up nice and early Saturday morning to roll up to Trexlertown for some track racing with iPaul©.

This was only my second time on a velodrome. I have a lot of experience on a fixed gear, and really enjoyed my first trip to a track last summer in San Jose. So I was really looking forward to this adventure. And iPaul© is the man on the track.

iPaul© looking as good as he ever does.

In addition to being a sweet venue with really nice facilities, the Lehigh Valley Velodrome reintroduced me with 'cross friend and nemesis Peter D. and his teammate Tim. Always good to see some friendly faces and get an opportunity to see how everyone is riding before 'cross starts.

Tim B. and Peter D. of cross infamy.

My three events were a 12 lap points race, a 10 lap scratch race, and a 10 lap tempo points race. I had a good attack that should have earned me a podium spot in the Points race, but the officials screwed up the lap count. Oh well. The scratch race found me stupidly closing gaps that should have been left to someone else so I could contest the sprint. Oh well. The tempo race found Peter and I screwing up our plan for a 2 man breakaway. Oh well.

One of the Cat 4 sprint tournament races.
I did a few match sprints at the end of the day: I think I like them better than the points races.

At the end of the day, my legs were shot, and I learned a little bit more about track tactics, so it was a successful day. I also did some 200 meter sprints with iPaul©, and some pacelining with Peter. There really is nothing comparable to railing the inside of the turn at 30 mph on a track bike. Feeling your body compress under the g-force is really awesome. And I haven't had 'cross cough like I got yesterday in 9 months. Felt good to suffer. I really recommend anyone join Paul sometime at the track - super fun, and he'll give you some valuable advice.

Racers hit turns 3 and 4.

Today was a nice leisurely 3 hours at Middle Run/White Clay but that's par for the course. I won't bore you with the details.

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Frank Brigandi said...

farting in the steamy shower?
MMmmkay that's almost the bastard son of the Hot-Tub fart, which is affectionately called "the Downy" cause Rpbert Downey Jr, went through a "Phase" passing out and shitting the hot tub...
Shower, steam, methane, mischief.... let's name this bastard son, "The Bundy".