Thursday, June 28, 2007


I didn't ride today. I had to deal with my mother f-ing cell phone. The screen broke when I dropped it on the floor. The other option was giving it to a girl - in whom I was less than interested - at a party so she could enter her phone number. Dramatic effect: 1, Razr screen: 0.

God do I hate running errands in Delaware. Nothing is logical, nothing is close together. So much for the efficiency of neo-urbanism. Don't people realize the more roads you build, the worse traffic will get? While I'm driving to the phone store, I'm listening to NPR. They're doing a piece on a recent study released on the worst roadways in the nation. Surprise surprise... Delaware is 40th. That's an F on the Bell curve. I did find this cool map of the study though.

Anyway, the only reason I'm so pissy is because I think I have a sinus infection. We'll see, hopefully I'll make it to the doc tomorrow and get it diagnosed and taken care of. Last thing I want is that shit in my lungs. Still, I feel better than this guy:

See the whole series of photos here.

I did randomly find this picture of me from the ghetto door / oil tank ride at Lodi. It made me feel a little better.

One or two laps from complete and utter collapse.

Rotten out.


Suki said...

I need to fall.

I know I'm not a mountain biker 'til I fall.

too much of a puss-ity-puss to take a risk.

I need a good shake-the-shit-out-of-me-over-the-handlebars (landing-preferably-in-something-soft) fall...

that leaves me sore, but unbroken.

maybe I can cowboy up, then.

as for breaking the phone to avoid handing it to the chica:


you should've just teabagged her.

Rachel said...

Hey, from that map I figured out how to have decent roads: be a state that nobody lives in.h

mj said...

well done rob, you make me proud. i actually just got a new phone (indestructible casio g'zone type-s) cause i kept breaking the razr (3 in 4 months).

airing out said...

hope hte sinus infection clears up! Elk has had a sinus infection for three months now. don't worry though, that is not the norm.