Monday, June 11, 2007

so close...

I am not motivated to ride anything while I stare at this incomplete piece of art. The theme is this: cream colored frame with black components.
  • pink king headset
  • black thomson elite seatpost
  • black thomson x4 stem
  • easton monkey lite xc lo-rise bars
  • ergon grips
  • rockshox reba 80mm fork
  • black white ind. 32t chainring on black white ind. cranks
  • 19t white ind. freewheel
  • avid bb7 mech. disc brakes with pink cable housing
  • black white ind hubs with black spokes, black nipples, and black stan's arch 29er rims
  • panaracer rampage on the front, maxxis ignitor on the back
talk about the funk starting to lift... also, congrats to Blair Blair, who won the Red Ass 300 this weekend, and Zayne, for winning the Stoopid 50 SS as well. Much respect to everyone else who raced, finished, and is automatically harder than this barrel-assed-donut-munching-sissy.


MJ said...

that bike is already one of the sexiest things i have ever seen. i was looking into getting a monocog flight 29er. good to hear you no longer need the WAH-mbulance.

Ethan said...

Nice. I love white (or cream?) bikes.

gearjunkie said...

a beautiful thing, no doubt.

but, I have to say, do yourself a favor and spend a couple extra nights on the corner and get yourself a chris king rear hub. I don't even care what you put on the front, but the king rear is like nothing else you will ever ride. when you're pedal kicking up something way too steep for a singlespeed, you'll thank me.

don't ask questions, just lay the credit card down, and sell your soul.

other than that, nice work.

David said...

I don't think your components are high-end enough
Bastard. (I say that with a smile on my face and out of pure jealousy).
Can't wait to see the finished product. And maybe take it for a test ride?? Huh? Huh? Whatta ya think? Spread the '9er love, right?