Wednesday, June 06, 2007


work. bike. sleep.
work. climb. sleep.
bike. work. bike. climb. sleep.
work. bike. beer. pass out.
bike. work. bike. party.

life is good, but life is predictable. right now I just need to get my Spot Brand 29er built up. sorry for the complete lack of anything exciting.

oh, i have some red itchy bug bite under my eye. i think the antihistamine lotion is helping.


zb said...

that isn't a bug bite. you've got one of the most dangerous STD's known to humankind...itchy redeye. you better go to the doctor and get that taken care of.

robert said...

the proper girl in the hat just eye-f***ed the sh!t outta me...

MJ said...

it wasn't a girl. you contracted that from raping a monkey.

Suki said...

try this:

bike, work, pillage, sleep.
work, climb, arson, bike, sleep.
plunder, bike, work, sleep.

mix it up a bit. might help...