Saturday, June 23, 2007

No Thanks!

Non-stop for a week now I've been listening to this box set of "early punk" - No Thanks! It rocks. I got a copy of it from a friend of mine and was skeptical at first. But it is solid. If you'd like a listen, just ask.

Preparing for the 12 hours of Cranky Monkey, last night was the perfect preparation. Dinner with the brethren of F. Zed Kappa, followed by a few beers with Peaches and El Presidente, and the fine eye-candy attending the East End Cafe last night.

I have to apologize to the parents at the table next to ours at dinner. Your kids now know that the stork didn't bring 'em along. Big deal though, better off not lying to your kids anyway. Now it's time for some breakfast at the good old Post House.


MJ said...

Yo, is it just me or does Vladimir Gusev look like a Special Olympics athlete that knows he's gonna get a nice meal of mac and cheese, blended of course so he can't choke on it, for his victory dinner. (

Suki said...

labels: chicken sanchez.

I'm having trouble seeing anything just now but a headless hen running wreckless 'round your den.

...with a poop 'stache.