Tuesday, May 08, 2007

want to make babies?

then save the ovaries.

internet friend Sam is an ovarian cancer survivor. she is a badass climber, bike commuter, good person, cancer fighter, member of Team Bury the Dragon, and the world without her would be a darker place. Thanks to cancer fighting techniques that have been developed at great cost, Sam (and tough cookie Liz) are still here to show me how it's done.

Here are three ways you can help support more advances in cancer research - in this case ovarian cancer.
  1. Race your mountain bike at Escape from Granogue May 20th. A portion of entry fees will go to the HERA Foundation for Women's Cancer Research.
  2. Enter this raffle to win some rad bike stuff - an IF Fork, T-shirts, tires, jerseys, shorts, singlespeed shit... the list goes on and on.
  3. Donate directly to HERA.

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airing out said...

Thanks man!

And if you buy a raffle ticket the day of, you can win passes to the DE Rock gym!!!