Wednesday, May 30, 2007

thanks for the honk, asswipe.

Rode to work today. Total time including shower at work is 45 minutes. Showering at home and driving to work takes me 35. I should do this more often. If only it weren't for the avid cycling fans that love to support my morning commute with their horn usage. Thank you, really, I couldn't have done it without you.

Pictures from my trip to Austria are here:

They are limited, because a lot of the others had coworkers in the frame. I can't just go putting them all over the web.

How'd they have time to prepare a whole building for me?


Anonymous said...

Tjose fritter things are called "Schmarrn", best with raisins, called "Kaiserschmarrn". Yummy stuff.
That Weissbier is my favorite (Bavarian of course), and available at Suburban liquors.

JenBob said...

are the honks "hey I'm behind you" honks or "get off the road stupid biker" honks? there are definitely different kinds. it's the single person driving the SUV on the phone 3" from my elbow that bothers me most.

I had a guy going the other way literally stop and call me an asshole one day. That was special.

Ethan said...

Yeah, the Alps are awesome. My feet were killing me after riding a rented mountain bike in Switzerland up some ridiculous grades so I can sympathize with that. Gears are good though you dirty mountain biker!

Suki said...

inspiration comes from the strangest places...

*checks into installing car horn on mountain bike*