Sunday, May 27, 2007

social event of the year...

Another century is in the bank. Actually a Century.1 - 110 miles. Pancake flat, from Newark, DE to Rock Hall, MD. 22 and a half mile per hour average. Not too shabby. I'd like to document this truly exciting event with a series of photos that really capture the spectacular scenery.

Mile 13: still feeling fresh.

Mile 29: fatmarc and disco-dave have a deep "meaning of life" talk.

Mile 41: all I want to do is skip a pull in the 23 mph paceline into the headwind.
but ego is a bitch.

Mile 57: this is why I ride. 600 calories ingested in under 4 minutes.

Mile 69: Mark pulls us home. at 22 mph. without assistance.

Mile 77: really pushing the technical skills.

Mile 84: Pit stop 2 in Galena. Surly Bob picks ice cream sandwich over beer and I am happy in 90 degree weather.

Mile 107: the scenery is truly spectacular.

My apologies to Tom McPapasmurf, who out of kindness waited for someone who was hurting badly and due to some confusion at the front, got dropped and left to ride the last 40 miles solo. That is not the way I'd want to finish a century and as a team mate, I feel like I really dropped the ball. Tom, I'm sorry.


JenBob said...

Very Nice and accurate too! Looking at my man-boobs, maybe I should have skipped the ice cream sandwhich.

Silas said...

No one got a 12 pack of natty light? Only 5.99?!?

Yes, I'm the idiot who looked at each of those the third one it dawned on me.

Suki said...

I think you can square things up with tom...

by allowing him to sniff the sweaty saddle crotch.

a wise man told me this is delicacy in his country...