Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shots at Shaggy's? I'm in!

Bagged on the Hills from Hell ride tonight, and the Ride of Silence. A combination of bad weather and the fact that I folded my chainring on Monday kept me off the bike. Thankfully I had my codependent friends along to drag me to Deer Park for my favorite of the seven: Gluttony. I swear to the heavens above that between our conversation and our bottomless guts we will someday be banned from every eatery in the Mid Atlantic.

Been busy, and I'm going to keep this short, as I'm still finishing up my move into a new house. Living with E-Town and grad student named Sergiu should be pretty fun. Right on the edge of White Clay. I can't wait for my Spot 29er to be on the ground and rolling.

I posted pictures from my trip to Seneca here:

The quick and dirty on that trip:
  • Leave work on Thursday, pack, and jump in the car for a 5 hour drive to WV.
  • Rain starts coming down hard when we are an hour away - seems to be a recurring theme when climbing with JF (
  • Thankfully, rain stops and we camp out without issue.
  • Friday, up early, 6ish, grab a Hot 'n Ready (don't get me started) breakfast sandwich and head to the approach.
  • On rock by 8 am.
  • 12 hours and 7 pitches later, we hit up the fine dining in town where we drink some fine beer and eat some fine lamb sandwiches.
  • Sleep, and repeat - hitting the rocks early Saturday and get in 2 pitches before we have to head home.
  • In the car and rolling by noon, so Andy can pick up his family at BWI 4 hours away.
  • Get stuck behind a line painting truck for 5 miles, doing 5 mph.
  • He finally pulls off, Andy goes to pass 4 cars in front of us on an open stretch, in a legal passing zone.
  • Truck #2 (a Dodge Ram) in line goes to pass #1 right as we are passing #2.
  • #2 sideswipes the front quarter panel of Andy's wife's Saab as I see my life flash in front of my eyes. Andy keeps us on the road.
  • Redneck driver won't take the responsibility for crash so we drive to a WVSP station - "sorry, we only do accident reports at the scene of the crash." Mind you there is no cell phone service for 50 miles around. Great. No one was hurt, except the Redneck's dog, who appeared to have some cancerous growth on his johnson. Gross.
All in all, a great trip. Climbing with a lot of exposure is a different game. I admit I was on a climb 2 grades easier than I usually get on, and I was shaking like Shakira. I had to do a gut check 20 feet above the tree canopy, get my head on straight, and climb on. What a way to spend a Friday, sure beats work.


airing out said...

WAIT A MINUTE! where did you get the lamb sandwiches????

I'm so bummed I didn't go. We would have been on the same exact schedule as you.

Suki said...

I'm bummed I didn't see the "growth" on the redneck poon hound's johnson...