Saturday, May 12, 2007

more to come...

16 hours of multipitch trad climbing.
12 beers.
10 hours of driving.
1 redneck car accident.
0 clouds in the sky.

There aren't enough vacation days.

Andy and John at the entrance to Seneca Rocks.

John belays me up Crispy Critter.

Ambiguously gay?

John belays 150 feet up.

There's a bulge in my pants.


airing out said...

That looks like seneca...

Where did you go?

btw... ovaries are cool even if you don't want to make babies! :)

I was supposed to go to Seneca this weekend... but it got canceled. Birdsboro instead. Oh well.

Suki said...



almost as yummy as nutella and pancakes.