Friday, May 25, 2007

many thanks...

and apologies.

Thanks for all of you who called me, emailed, texted, whatever, on my birthday. It was a lovely, necessary reminder that despite where I am in the world, my friends and family are the finest people I know. I love you all, despite how good or bad we are at keeping in touch. Apologies for the lack of response so far, I was in Austria for the week and had no email or phone - off the grid so to speak.

This weekend I am going to call you all, and I will try to post pictures and a story about my trip.

The quick and dirty facts:
  • I love Europe.
  • I love Europeans.
  • I love European women.
  • The Alps are fucking steep.
  • Full suspension bikes suck.
  • Gears suck.
  • Gears are OK in the Alps.
  • I love European women.
That is all for now.
Double-R out.


tim said...

Dude, didn't even know it was your b-day. Sounds like you had a great one though. I can't wait until we can all get together again. So, merry un-birthday.

zayne braun said...

happy beLaided birthday from your brother in Frank Zappa Kappa.