Tuesday, April 03, 2007

rock on...

Sunday I get a phone call from some of my friends in Troy NY. "Rob, you live close to Philly right?" "Yeah...?" "You should come meet us for dinner and then go see Erik Petersen and Robert Blake." So Sunday night I rolled up to Kingdom of Vegetarians for some awesome vegan dim sum, some ridiculous behavior, and truly tasteless conversation. I miss these kids a whole lot sometimes.

"you may not want to sit near us if you have any Christian values..."

Afterward, we rolled into west Philly's LavaZone to see the above artists. Mischief Brew is Erik's band - they are some brand of folk-punk and generally kick ass. Robert Blake is a folk singer from Washington State - also kicks ass. Got there in time to see Blake finish his set, and stayed on to see Mischief Brew.

Mischief Brew rocks.

It was funny seeing all the hipsters at the show. "Punk" shows sure have changed alot along the way. One rolled up pant leg, bike gloves, and a messenger bag were regular fashion accessories, as were the PBRs in hand. Somehow, punk and hipster are now synonymous. It's cool I guess, I really don't give a shit if people are getting together and enjoying each other and good music. And to some degree, it's always been about the fashion too.

PBR: delicious, and it goes great with taper leg jeans.

I was never around for the first wave of hardcore, and would never claim to know that first hand. Though I was around during the third wave, when FSU would show up at New England shows and make good on their name. The shows were so much fun, rebellion at any level felt good, and there was just more energy than 4 walls, a stage, and a ceiling could contain.

I wonder if the former owner of this button knows who the Specials are?

In a lot of ways that hasn't changed. There was still great energy. Dancing, a pathetic pit (not that I was ever one for throwing punches), singing along, fingers pointing at the ceiling. Erik's mic cut out for the last 3 songs so it was up to the crowd to do the work. Olde Tyme Mem'ry and Roll Me Through the Gates of Hell closed the set - two awesome songs meant for crowd chorus. Yeah, the kids will be alright.

For the uninformed, the finger tells fellow crowd members: "I know this part of the song."

Saw this on the way home:

The lamest billboard I have EVER seen.
No self respecting cyclist who drinks beer would go within a leg's reach of this shit.

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