Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ice cream for dinner

I had to make up for the ass kicking I received at TNT tonight, and after last Wednesday's discussion about ice cream flavors, I had to get a pint.

I guess it wasn't ice cream... frozen yogurt rather. I have to say, Ben and Jerry's really is the best ice cream out there. Chubby Hubby is my favorite; what's not to like about peanut butter filled pretzels and malted ice cream. Sadly they don't make that one in fro-yo. So I had to settle for the almost-as-delicious Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt. Sometimes you just need to house a pint of the cold stuff to cure what ails ya.

Serving Size: the whole thing.

I'd go for the real deal, but with the fro-yo, it's 12 grams of fat for the whole thing. One serving alone, of which there are 4 in a pint, of Chubby Hubby has 20 grams. I'm still a fat kid at heart.

While I'm on the subject of fattening myself up... I saw some larger people riding their bikes tonight at White Clay. It makes me incredibly happy to see overweight people exercising. The obesity epidemic is so costly in human terms, and I really admire people that are taking steps in the right direction. I admire the aim for personal improvement. And I am thankful to the people who build and maintain the trails that get people out and about.

More than anything I like to see people progress. I know the satisfaction that comes from a 1% improvement in the perception of personal performance. It thrills me to see that light bulb switch on for other people. I saw it yesterday at the rock gym. Some people new to climbing really made some great strides. And it wasn't that they were sending problems that were at the edge of their ability. They were sending problems they thought were out of reach. They set their minds to top out, and they did it. They will come back for more. They will have hard days, but the knowledge that there is a way to the top of that wall will help them push through. The same will hold true for the people at White Clay biking to get back to a healthy weight.

There are hard days, and there are good days. Sometimes they go hand in hand. Sometimes your suck knob goes way up. But what keeps you moving is the knowledge that if you put your head down, grit your teeth, and hold on just a little longer, you will make it.


Samantha said...

When I was getting divorced I ate so much B&J that I should have bought stock in the company. Fortunately I was such a nervous wreck that I didn't eat anything else and actually lost weight. After that I switched to red wine. The ex husband did the same thing, except he got fat from it.

When I was diagnosed with cancer Howard from GV came to visit me, we chatted about B&J. Soon I read an article about how dairy may contribute to cancer so I gave the stuff up. At the same time, Howard went back to the gym and told people to visit with B&J. I ended up with 15 pints in my freezer that I was afraid to touch. I gave it all away... I bet you wish you knew me then, don't you...

I've switched now to Soy Delicious when I'm needing that pick me up. It is pretty freaking good.

Silas said...

It's all about the progress...went climbing last night and got a couple Cs and a couple Bs.

Remember that ridiculously hard 10b that we tried and couldn't get while you were here visiting? Oops...it's actually an 11b. Since we didn't know at the time, we gave it a decent shot. The mental block wasn't there and were able to really perform.

Perhaps, something to think about for Lodi Farm?